Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Decker 34

He decided to start with someone from his recent "past"; someone without a lifetime of memories, but still fairly well fleshed-out in his mind. Tut seemed a likely choice. Sitting in the mossy bed where he had awakened, eyes closed, he tried to recreate Tut's image and persona in his mind. He envisioned the big spectacles, the pinwheel colors of Tut's shell, the professorial mien Tut presented.
"Well, if it isn't ol' Fuzzy, found his way back to the homeworld." Lizzie's ironic tone sent galvanic spasms down his spine. She had something that looked remarkably similar to a science fiction serial phaser pointed at the center of his chest. "So which one are you, bub? Fuzzy number one, two, or three? Don't bother answering that, it's a rhetorical question. Just take this little homing beacon and put it around your neck." She tossed him a silvery chain with a blue-glowing, high-tech looking pendant attached, identical to one that hung around her own neck. "You're coming with me back to Ops Central, what's left of it. You've made a nice hash of the cosmic matrix, and we're going to figure out how the hell you did it."
"B-but I, um, I didn't... I didn't, er... bring you.... aaahhh, shit to the seventeenth!"
"Bring me? Hahahaha hah!" She shot him an imperious glare. "I suppose you thought the temporo-spatial grid monitor was safe with Tut?" She pressed a stud on her pendant and metamorphosed into the giant turtle. "By Tesla's lightning bolts, Decker, were you not perspicacious enough to discern my authentic identity?" She pressed the stud once more and re-assumed her human form, a mocking grin on her face. "You didn't summon Tut or I to your lonely little hideout. We tracked your energy signature here with the grid monitor. Now get up and turn around. We're going for a ride."
As soon as he was facing away from her, he tried to bring an image of Degren to his mind; tried to have him materialize behind her. He thought he felt the presence of his friend beginning to materialize when Lizzy put her hand on his shoulder and said in a crisp, hard voice, "Control, engage NOW!" The cave dissolved before his eyes and was replaced by what looked like the engine room of a spacecraft.
"This is just getting too shittin' weird now!" Deckren threw his arms up in the air, causing Lizzy to flinch and nearly drop her phaser. "All I was looking for was a little psychedelic exploration, maybe a spirit guide manifestation, and I get all THIS? WHAT THE FUCK??!? I'm DONE playin' this fuckin' game! Ya wanna shoot me with that fuckin' electric shaver, GO THE FUCK AHEAD!" He ripped off the homing pendant and flung it at Lizzy, whose exhaustion and desperation were crumbling her smug demeanor like a heat lamp on a slushie. The pendant struck her in the nose and she nearly fell over. Her gun slipped from nerveless fingers before Deckren's emotional assault. He pictured her crying and sinking to the floor in a heap, and she did. The attendant at the console where the grid monitor was plugged in looked confused and abashed, but he fumbled at the holster on his belt with one hand while reaching for an intercom button with the other. "Um, c-control, we have a situation down here... would you..."
Deckren lashed out with his mind, wrapped tentacles of hilarity around the man's vacillating thoughts. "This is all really funny, isn't it, Louis?" He imagined the attendant rolling on the deck in paroxysms of laughter. The dude didn't know what hit him; he fired off an accidental phaser beam into the ceiling and doubled over in full-throated, uncontrollable, breathlessly silent glee.
Deckren was galvanized now; he jumped for the comm button, extemporizing, "..start a pot of French roast for Lizzy and I? She's yawning like the pit of hell."
"Uhh... roger that, Epstein, gimme twenty clicks. We don't want Lizzy to get dizzy."
Deckren looked over the temporo-spatial grid monitor and realized it was beyond his comprehension. He grabbed the two pendants and tossed them in the case, closed it, and imagined himself and it back in Degren-land. The bulkheads of the spaceship wavered, disintegrated, and were replaced by red-gold sandstone bluffs. A figure lounged in the shadows in front of him; his heart jumped into his throat. "Degren...?"
The figure emerged from the shadows, bright yellow-green scales iridescent in the afternoon sun, "Err...sorry, certainly some sympathy, simply your saurian sidekick,.... Coxli....suited for service."

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